DAMHUS-bratwurst sausage

This DAMHUS classic belongs to every barbecue party – and that all-year round!

The DAMHUS sausage is traditionally made of high quality pork with a hint of turkey.

For our DAMHUS sausage we only use meat of the highest quality. This is what we are known for – far beyond the Münsterland region! All the way from the animal feed to the merchandising at the grocery store, our products are subject to constant control.

Product information

Product descriptionDAMHUS-rostbratwurst sausage
Best before date from date of production18 days / (20 days), pasteurised: 60 days / (90 days), frozen 12 months
Type of packagingVacuum PA PE film
Dimensions in mm l x w x h360 mm x 240 mm x 70 mm
Intestine/casingnatural intestine (collagen casing also available)
Information on refrigeration0° C - 7° C (ideally at 2° C)
Product descriptionGLUTENFREE - species-specific, uncured fine sausage meat
List of ingredients80% pork, 5% turkey, bacon, potable water, iodised table salt, spices (mustard, celery i.a.), seasoning (contains soy), dextrose, lactose, stabilisers: sodium acetate, sodium citrates, diphosphates, flavour enhancers: monosodium glutamate, edible casing/natural intestine
Ingredients in accordance with Regulation VO (EU) Nr. 1169/2011, allergensmustard flour, celery salt, soy, lactose
Ingredients in accordance with Regulation 1829/2003, No. 1830/2003, genetically modified foodnone

Nutritional information, analytical parameters chemical

energyKJ: 1283, Kcal: 310
of which saturated fatty acids
28,3 g
11,0 g
of which sugar
0,6 g
0,6 g
protein13,3 g
salt2,1 g

Please note: The values given refer to 100g and are subject to natural tolerances.

(Deutsch) Neben Eiweiß enthält Fleisch viele Vitamine des Vitamin-B-Komplexes, Vitamin A und D, sowie die Mineralien Kalium, Natrium und Eisen. Betrachten wir Wurstprodukte als Eigenlieferant, so nimmt es gegenüber anderen Lebensmitteln einen besonderen Stellenwert ein. Im Vergleich mit pflanzlichen Lebensmitteln besitzt Eisen aus tierischen Lebensmitteln eine bessere Verfügbarkeit. Das helle Geflügelfleisch, wie es in unseren Produkten verarbeitet wird, enthält im Vergleich zu Muskelfleischpartien vom Rind deutlich weniger Fett und mehr Eiweiß. Zudem ist der Gehalt der Vitamine der Gruppe B und C, Niacin sowie der Mineralstoffe Magnesium, Eisen, Phosphor und Natrium vergleichsweise hoch.

Ernährungsphysiologische Hinweise zu unseren Produkten

Product range information

Article no.EANWeightPacking unitCasingLengthCalibrePieces per carton
5104011554105109 50 g10 x 50 gNatural intestine90 mm27/2930
10054011554110059 100 g5 x 100 gNatural intestine 190 mm27/2930
10104011554110103 100 g10 x 100 gNatural intestine 190 mm27/2915
10304011554110301 100 g10 x 50gNatural intestine190 mm27/295
11304011554111308 110 g30 x 110 gNatural intestine 200 mm28/305
12304011554112305 120 g30 x 120 gNatural intestine 210 mm28/305
23304011554123301 100 g30 x 100 gCollagen casing250 mm235
26314011554126319 110 g30 x 110 gCollagen casing215 mm265
26324011554126326 120 g30 x 120 gCollagen casing240 mm265

All DAMHUS sausages are glutenfree, as always! And DAMHUS bockwurst sausage and Polish sausage products are also lactose-free!
We have assembled detailed information on nutritional values, packaging units, and article specifications extra for you.

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