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Damhus GmbH & Co. KG, Rosendahl, Deutschland.


Registered Court Coesfeld HRA 1858
Personally liable partner: Damhus GmbH
Register Court Coesfeld HRB 1764
Managing director: Udo Damhus, Olaf Damhus
Official business address at the abovementioned address.
Authorised signatory, head of data processing: Thomas Borgers
VAT Identification Number: DE 124462698
ILN: 4011554000008


Note on the extended consumer legislation:
The European Union has introduced an online platform (OS-platform) for out-of-court consumer dispute resolution.
You may access the platform as of 15 Feb 2016 at the following link:

Of course, you can contact us at Damhus in advance – also in person. (;; or by phone: +49 (0) 2566 9302 – 0).


Food inspection
In 1994, Damhus GmbH & Co. KG has been authorised by the Bezirksregierung Münster (district government of Münster) to produce and sell meat products within the European Community with the veterinary control no. DE EV 1374 EG. Production and marketing of meat products are subject to continuous controls by the veterinary and food supervisory office of the Coesfeld district, which is the local authority for food regulation.


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Purpose of data collection, processing or utilisation: Damhus GmbH & Co. KG manufactures and sells meat and sausage products. The collection, processing and use of data for the company’s own business operation serve the purpose of pursuing the above-mentioned purposes.


Description of the groups of individuals concerned and their respective data or data categories: personal data is collected, processed or utilised on the following groups of persons, insofar as this is required to fulfil the purpose as mentioned in 4: customer data, as well as the data of suppliers, insofar as this is required to fulfil the purpose as mentioned in 4.


Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be disclosed: public bodies that receive the data on the basis of legal stipulations, internal departments that are involved in the execution and fulfilment of the respective business processes. External contractors (service rendering companies) in accordance with §11 of the data privacy act, external bodies, insofar as this is required to fulfil the purposes as mentioned in 4.


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